Mercy In Motion


This past weekend (April 22-24, 2016) our Mercy In Motion Diocesan Youth Rally was held at Saint John Vianney Parish. It was facilitated by Face to Face Ministries volunteers2along with over a dozen volunteers from various cities within the Kamloops diocese. The weekend retreat was an opportunity for youth to encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints. We were blessed to have about 70 youth between grades 7-12 attend from all over the diocese.

The first night started with supper and games before leading into the topic of the night: Who is Jesus? The session included personal testimony, music, small groups, and an engaging talk before the night wrapped up with snacks and fellowship. There was so much excitement it was hard to sleep that night, but most of us were rested enough for our Saturday, day-long event.

talk After breakfast, the first topic of the morning was “Loved as I am”, which again included testimony, music, games, a talk, and small groups before having a break for fellowship. We discussed where our worth comes from and God’s unconditional love for us. Our next session was the main focus of the retreat: Mercy In Motion. The talk focused on how the Holy Spirit builds, animates, sanctifies us – CCC 747 before we had our final small groups of the event, followed by lunch.

godssquad The majority of the rest of the afternoon session was focused on a more prayerful atmosphere, complete with a skit about God’s mercy, a talk on reconciliation, followed by the opportunity for reconciliation.

God blessed us with a break from the rain and afterwards we were able to head outside for some much needed fresh air and exercise, complete with four different outdoor activities, including soccer and ultimate frisbee.

food Moving into the evening we had Mass, followed by a special banquet. The youth had the opportunity to dress up for both Mass and the banquet, which turned out to be very special, before moving into a time of adoration and praise. This was followed by prayer ministry, where the youth were invited to be prayed with by their small group leaders.

adoration2 After a very full day, we had one last talk on becoming Saints and continuing our journeys towards heaven. At the end of this talk, the youth were given the opportunity to share about their experience during the weekend. We were blessed by their witness and honesty, and very pleased to hear from so many of them in a beautifully positive way. It’s safe to say that everyone had a wonderful weekend and were very blessed to grow as much as they did; even the volunteers and ministry team!

Sunday morning we wrapped up the event with an opportunity to discuss what it means to be a Saint further and what plans we can make in order to help us on our way to heaven. We are very excited for how well the event went and are looking forward to our next Diocesan Youth Rally!